Telescopic Universal Joints (Slip Joints)

A telescopic universal joint, also known as a slip joint or telescoping universal joint, is a type of mechanical joint that allows for two shafts to be connected at an angle. The joint consists of two yokes, each with a bearing at one end. The bearings are connected by a cross, which allows the shafts to rotate at different angles.

Telescopic Universal Joint Shaft

Dimensions of Telescopic Universal Joints

UWPlasticPlain bearings2 – 200,36 – 10,7800
LWSteelPlain bearings16 – 4520 – 930500
PWSteelPlain bearings, hardened10 – 3033 – 562800
PWNSteelNeedle bearings, hardened10 – 3526 – 3914000
PWR   Stainless Plain bearings10 – 2518 – 288800
PWNRStainlessNeedle bearings hardened10 – 3021 – 2883600

What Does a Telescopic Joint Do?

The primary function of a telescopic universal joint is to accommodate changes in length or distance between two connected parts while maintaining a mechanical connection. The telescoping universal joint enables the extension or contraction of a system without compromising its structural integrity or functionality.

The design of a telescopic joint typically consists of two or more concentric tubular components, known as sleeves or telescoping members, which slide within each other. These sleeves can be either cylindrical or prismatic in shape. The inner sleeve is usually nested within the outer sleeve, allowing it to slide smoothly along its length.

Telescopic Universal Joints

Benefits of Telescoping Universal Joint

Telescopic universal joints are essential mechanical components that facilitate movement, adjustment, and protection in various systems where relative motion and length variation are required.

  • Length Adjustment: The slip joints allow for the adjustment of the overall length or distance between two components, providing flexibility in positioning and accommodating variations in system requirements.
  • Shock Absorption: Telescopic universal joints can absorb and dampen shocks, vibrations, and impacts by allowing the inner sleeve to slide within the outer sleeve, reducing the transmission of these forces to connected components.
  • Compensation for Thermal Expansion: In applications where temperature changes can cause thermal expansion or contraction of components, slip joints can compensate for these variations by extending or contracting accordingly.
  • Protection and Enclosure: Telescoping universal joints can protect internal components, such as cables, wiring, or mechanical parts, by enclosing them within the sleeves. This shielding helps prevent damage from external factors like dust, debris, moisture, or mechanical stress.
  • Flexibility and Range of Motion: These joints enable movement in multiple directions, providing flexibility and freedom of motion. They can accommodate axial (linear), angular, or even lateral movements depending on the design and application.
Split Joint

Telescoping Universal Joint Applications

  • Off-road vehicles: Telescopic universal joints are used in the driveshafts of off-road vehicles to allow for the suspension to travel over uneven terrain.
  • Construction equipment: Telescopic universal joints are used in the booms of construction equipment to allow the boom to extend and retract.
  • Material handling equipment: Telescopic universal joints are used in the forks of material handling equipment to allow the forks to lift and lower loads.

Telescoping Universal Joint

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