Locking Assembly (Shrink Disc)

The locking assembly is an advanced mechanical basic component that is extensively used throughout the world to ensure mechanical coupling when under heavy loads. In the coupling of the wheel and shaft, it's a keyless coupling device that allows load transmission by tightening the tension and friction between the surfaces of the joint using high-strength bolts. Choose WLY Transmission's locking assembly for unrivaled expertise. Our shrink discs ensure optimal torque transmission, superior axial load capacity, and easy installation, guaranteeing reliability and precision in your applications.

What is a Shrink Disc?

A shrink disc is a flange-shaped shaft hub with a friction lock that joins the keyless locking device, that is a new method of making a mechanical shrink fitting. It is made up of two or one thrust ring with tapered bores and an inner ring that is tapered to match.

Shrink Disc

How Does a Shrink Disc Coupling Work?

Shrink Disc, also called shrink dick coupling or locking assembly, is a kind of keyless locking device which is realized by tightening the pressure and friction force between the inclusion surface by tightening the high-strength bolts in the coupling of wheel and shaft, and is a kind of keyless coupling structure of transmission parts. Under the action of axial force, the inner jacket of the coupling assembly shrinks and rises to make the shaft and hub close together and generate enough friction to transmit torque, so as to achieve the purpose of the mechanism operation, and the keyless locking assembly itself does not transmit any torque and load.

Shrink Disc Function

Applications of Keyless Shaft Locking Assemblies

The keyless locking shaft coupling produced by us can be used in many industries.

  • Packaging machinery
  • Textile machinery
  • Mining machinery
  • Metallurgical machinery
  • Printing machinery
  • Tobacco machinery
  • Forging machinery
  • Engineering machinery
  • Various types of machine tools and interchangeable mechanical drive such as , , gear, bevel wheel, impeller, timing belt pulley, propeller, small and large fans, blowers or directly with the shaft, hub linkage and other kinds of transmission linkage, etc.

Keyless Locking Shaft Coupling Application

Features of Shrink Discs

  1. Overload protection, easy disassembly and installation.
  2. Good centring performance of the coupling; no heating is required for assembly.
  3. Easy to adjust the corresponding position of shaft and hub.
  4. No stress concentration; high load capacity; high torque; good smoothness; high precision; no damage to the mating surface.
  5. Internal and external expansion type.
  6. Rich dimensional structure, suitable for various structural forms.
  7. High transmission accuracy, no clearance transmission, no noise.
  8. WLY shrink disc coupling set adopts high performance screws, using high performance 12.9 grade screws.

Shrink Disc Coupling Design