Pintle Chain

The definition of a pintle is simply a chain held together by pintles (pins) that are used with a wheel.

Pintle Chain

A pintle chain is a kind of chain designed for high-speed and heavy-duty applications. These chains are a strong and durable way of handling materials. They are used in a wide range of industries. A pintle chain is made up of castings linked by steel pins. Aside from the usual suspects like agriculture and mining, the chain is also used in power transmission, spray boxes and feeding systems. The cast pintle chain was a technological breakthrough. It was made to be stronger than conventional chain design, which meant it could handle larger loads.

Pintle Chain Drive

Pintle chain drive is a system that is used to move materials in a specific direction. It is also used for a variety of industrial and agricultural applications. This type of chain is strong, durable, and can handle large loads. Moreover, it is a versatile chain that can be repaired easily.

There are many types of pintle chains, each of which is designed for a certain type of application. They are typically made with open barrels, which allow for material to be conveyed without getting stuck. Moreover, they are designed with precision punched holes, which maximizes the load-bearing surface.

Pintle chains are a popular choice for water treatment facilities, sugar mills, and mining applications. They are highly resistant to corrosive environments, and they are capable of handling high load shifts and drastic load increases.

Some of the most common pintle chain uses are in water treatment, fertilizer spreading, manure spreading, and forage harvesting. They can also be found in vehicles, forage harvesters, and bicycles.

Agricultural pintle chains are typically fully machined steel, and are more in pitch than flame-cut sprockets. Using this type of chain allows for a smoother operation and more consistent performance. Besides, they are also more in pitch than cast sprockets.

Pintle Chain Drive

Pintle Chain Features

Pintle chains are made of steel and are highly resistant to corrosion. The open barrel construction also assures uniform link wear. Also, the open design prevents material from getting stuck in the chain.

These chains are made of heat-treated parts and are available in an assortment of pitch sizes. Typically, they are utilized in feeding systems, elevators, and spreaders.

For example, pintle chains have been used in the sugar harvesting industry. A variety of sugar harvesting chains is available, including those that feature nickel plating.

Steel pintle chains are also used in power transmission and general transport. These chains can be used in spreaders, conveyors, and other mechanical handling equipment. Using this type of chain, there are fewer moving parts and less wear and tear. Its durability makes it a great choice for applications requiring frequent use.

Pintle chains are useful in mining applications. They provide extra strength for a large variety of materials, and are often found in applications involving corrosive environments. They are also able to handle sudden load shifts.

Pintle Chain Applications

Pintle chains are one of the oldest types of chain drive systems. They are used in a variety of applications, including water treatment, grain handling, and many other industrial processes.

Pintle chains are designed to handle heavy material for extended periods of time. They are also designed for durability and high strength. In addition, they do not require as much maintenance as other chain systems.

Pintle Chain

Pintle chains are available in a number of different classes. These include 400, 600, 800, and 900 etc. Each class of pintle chain provides a range of specific features, making it suitable for a variety of different applications.

The 600 class is a strong and durable pintle chain that is used in various applications in the mining and sugar mill industries. It is also widely used in manure spreaders and wastewater treatment facilities.

Pintle chains are also available in a range of sizes. They are available in sizes from 6,000 to 39,000 pounds. Many pintle chains are made from non-metallic plastics, allowing them to be used in a wide variety of applications. Some models can be welded with custom attachments for specific requirements.

Other applications of pintle chains include sand and gravel spreading, food processing, and forage harvesting. These chains are resistant to corrosive environments, making them ideal for a variety of applications.

Steel pintle chains are a great option for conveying and power transmission. They feature an open barrel construction, which helps to keep foreign materials from getting built up inside the root of the sprocket. This design minimizes the amount of contact the pins have with the gearing face, increasing the load-bearing surface area.

Pintle Chain
Pintle Chain

Steel Pintle Chain

The is a simple but effective type of chain used in a variety of applications. The chain's design enables it to be combined with a wide variety of accessories. It is commonly used in low speed conveyors in wood processing, as well as granular material conveying systems.

Steel Pintle Chains are designed for applications where high strength and durability are required. They offer an open barrel design, which prevents seizure and allows materials to move freely. Also, they have precision punched holes that increase load-bearing surface area. This provides a greater level of resistance to wear, and also improves the life of the chain.

Steel pintle chains are also popular for power transmission. In addition, they are often used in a wide variety of agricultural machinery applications. Some examples of these include spreaders, manure spreading equipment, and spray boxes. Whether the application is in a hay handling system or a sugar mill, the steel pintle chain will provide a reliable, durable solution.

The pintle chain manufactured by us is designed to be robust and efficient. It is made from a specially developed design. This ensures that it will be able to withstand the heaviest shock loads. In addition, it is able to reduce chain elongation, stretch, and slack. Moreover, it uses precise surfaces, consistent tolerances, and a solid attachment.

As one of the professional pintle chain manufacturers, WLY offers China steel pintle chains with a range of designs and specifications. Our product line includes quad-staked, riveted, and heat-treated pins.

Pintle Chain Sprockets

Pintle chain sprockets are designed for applications in a variety of industries. They are commonly used in vehicles, grain handling, manure spreaders, conveyor belts, and water treatment facilities. With a variety of materials to choose from, pintle chain sprockets can meet many needs.

Pintle chains are durable and can be repaired easily. However, they need to be kept clean to avoid buildup of debris that can lead to overload.

Pintle chains have a unique design that helps them to move material with minimal contact with changing gear surfaces. This reduces wear and seizure. In addition, pintle chains have an open-back design that prevents stiff joints. Moreover, they are able to handle large loads for long periods of time.

The most common type of pintle chain is the 600-class. It is ideal for long, smooth operation, and is a good choice for applications that involve high shock loads. These pintle chains are also a popular choice for wastewater and mining applications.

Compared to cast sprockets, these pintle chain sprockets offer improved accuracy. The sprockets are manufactured from fully machined steel, and are a more “in pitch” solution than the cast types.

In addition to durable pintle chains, we also provide sprockets for sale. Contact us if you are interested!

Pintle Chain Sprocket
Pintle Chain Sprocket