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Leaf chain is a type of chain that is used to provide higher tensile strength than roller chains. It is used for a wide range of applications. Most commonly, it is used for lifting and material handling. Forklifts, counterweight systems, machine tools, elevators, and construction sites all utilize leaf chains. WLY Transmission is one of the leading leaf chain manufactures and suppliers in China. We provide high-strenth leaf chains at reasonable prices. Contact us to get a quote!

What Is a Leaf Chain?

Leaf chain is a type of chain used for lifting, hanging and material handling applications. This chain is made of pins and steel link plates that are riveted together. The design of this chain provides high tensile and fatigue strength. It is commonly used in the power transmission, material handling, elevators, forklifts, machine tools and construction industries.

Leaf chains are available in different sizes and tensile strengths. For example, the BL series of leaf chains has a higher tensile strength and wider carrying capacity than the AL series.

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are designed to meet the requirements of many industries, including forklifts, elevators, power transmission drives, and conveyor systems. These leaf chains have a high tensile strength, excellent abrasion resistance, and can withstand heavy loads without breaking.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has developed specifics for leaf chains. They are used in a variety of industry sectors, including construction, material handling, manufacturing, and automotive.

Leaf chain joints must be accurate, with an appropriate pitch and diameter. They must also be manufactured with adequate tolerances. Using an incorrectly designed can lead to increased wear.

Leaf chains are designed to resist abrasion, and the pins on the links are made of a special bending-resistant steel. The tensile strength and fatigue strength of a chain depend on the number of articulating links. If the chain has more links, the load disperses unevenly, which leads to a higher fatigue strength.

Leaf Chain Catalogue

AL Leaf Chain

AL Leaf Chain

The thickness and configuration of the plate are identical to ANSI rolling chain. The pin diameter is nearly identical to ANSI . AL leaf chain (manufactured in accordance with the standard of the ANSI B29.9 Standard) is made from American standard roller chain parts. AL Series chain is a lightweight chain that is suitable for light load lifting and machine tools.

BL Leaf Chain

BL Leaf Chain

BL leaf chains are made up of link plates, which are more substantial and wider in the contour than AL Series link plates of the same pitch. Link plates are similar in thickness to the link plates for the next larger pitch that are found in ANSI chain rollers. In contrast, the link plates of the BL Series are thicker than those of the AL Series and share the same pin diameter with the ANSI G8 roller chains.

LL Series Leaf Chain

LL Leaf Chain

LL series leaf chain is commonly used in applications where high strength and durability are required.  The LL series leaf chain is designed with thicker plates and larger pins than standard leaf chains, giving it increased strength and durability. This allows it to handle heavier loads and operate in harsher environments than other types of chains.

Applications of Leaf Chains

Leaf chains can be used in many industries in many ways. However, these industries have common applications such as heavy lifting.


Leaf chains can be used in warehouses to move goods with little input and effort. The high tensile strength, durability and reliability of our manufactured leaf chains make them the most thoughtful choice when purchasing chains that will not fail in the middle of a run.

Factories and Garages

Plate chains are essential in automotive factories, garages and workshops to lift vehicles to easily design body parts. Considering the hazards associated with this activity, you must use only the safest chains.

Boat lifts

In addition to the fact that boats put incredible stress on chains because of their heaviness, seawater irritates them a lot, causing them to wear faster. With ProCoat technology coated WLY's plate chains, you can be sure of increased durability even under these conditions.

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AL Leaf Chain VS BL Leaf Chain


The layout and thickness of the AL series is similar to the ANSI G8 roller chain, but the pin diameter is slightly different. In contrast, the BL series has thicker plates than the AL series and has the same pin diameter as the ANSI G8 roller chain.

The BL Series chain is more flexible in its application due to its incredible tensile strength. It also offers more versatility. If you need a durable chain to save space and provide higher tensile strength consistency, the BL series chain is recommended.

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Leaf Chain
Roller Chain

Leaf Chain Vs Roller Chain


Compared to roller chains, leaf chains are primarily used for lifting, balancing and reciprocating motion. Leaf chains are often used for lift trucks, masts, construction sites, and many other applications.

Leaf chains are made up of interlaced steel plates. There are three main types of leaf chains. The AL Series, LL Series, and BL Series. The LL Series conforms to the ISO 606 standard, while the BL Series is built on the British Standard chain dimensions.

Both chains are built for durability and strength. Tensile strength and fatigue strength are important considerations when selecting a chain. These factors also determine the lifespan of the product.

For instance, a leaf chain with more articulating links has a higher fatigue strength than one with fewer. However, this strength decreases as the number of links increases. It is recommended that you use a heavier-duty chain for high-load applications.

What Are Leaf Chains Made Of?

Leaf chains are typically made of high-grade steel, which is a durable and strong material that is capable of withstanding heavy loads and high stress. The specific type of steel used for leaf chains can vary depending on the manufacturer and the intended application, but it is typically a hardened and tempered alloy steel with a high carbon content.

Leaf chains are constructed from a series of interlocking links, which are designed to provide strength and durability while also allowing for some flexibility and movement. The links themselves are usually made by stamping or cutting the steel into the desired shape and then heat-treated to increase their strength and resistance to wear.

In some cases, leaf chains may also be coated or plated with a layer of zinc or other material to improve their corrosion resistance and overall durability.

How to Clean a Leaf Chain?

Cleaning a leaf chain typically involves the following steps:

  • Remove the chain from the machine or equipment where it is installed.
  • Inspect the chain for any damage or wear. If you notice any signs of damage or excessive wear, you may need to replace the chain.
  • If the chain is dirty or greasy, you can use a degreaser or solvent to remove the buildup. Apply the degreaser or solvent to a clean rag or brush, and then use it to scrub the chain.
  • Rinse the chain thoroughly with water to remove any remaining degreaser or solvent.
  • Dry the chain completely using a clean, dry cloth or air compressor.
  • Lubricate the chain using an appropriate lubricant. Consult the equipment's manual or a professional mechanic for guidance on the best type of lubricant to use for your specific application.
  • Reinstall the chain in the machine or equipment, making sure that it is properly tensioned and aligned.

It's important to note that cleaning a leaf chain can be a complex process, and it may require special tools or equipment.

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WLY Transmission is one of the leading leaf chain manufacturers and suppliers in China. We offer high-quality durable leaf chains at low prices! Contact now to get a quote!